by Ryszard Cichy

Could the Universe not exist? Could there be no past and no future? Could there be Nothing? Could the Universe be “turned off” like a television set or a computer by its user?

Could inanimate matter not exist? Life, space, time and energy?

Could the Universe not exist?

Could there not be any laws and rules?

Could there be no past and no future?

Could there be no God?

Could there be Nothing?

Probably most of us can imagine the World after our death. We presume it is going to go on existing and everything will continue according to its rhythm. Those who will bury us will carry on with their daily tasks, eat breakfast, sleep, work. News about new affairs and accidents will appear in newspapers. The sun will rise and set as before. We also know that the World existed before us. Knowledge about life before our birth as also imagining it after our death confirm us in our belief that the World existed, exists and will exist after us.

It is not easy, therefore, to imagine that all this could possibly not ever have existed!

We are as though locked in some mysterious box whose walls are the principles (the laws) according to which the Universe operates. Could this box, therefore, not have existed or the One who created and shakes it?

Could He and we never have existed?

QUESTIONS by Ryszard Cichy, Wrocław 2008 Retro-Art, Warszawa 2008, ISBN 978-83-87992-56-9 translated by Danusia Stok